Don ritter

Don Ritter

Don Ritter is an artist and writer who has been active in the field of media art since 1988. His interdisciplinary artworks and writings integrate fine art and digital media with aesthetics and ethics. Ritter’s immersive video-sound installations enable audiences to direct their experiences through body motion or voice, and his live performances and media …

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Hanna Pajala-Assefa

Hanna Pajala-Assefa es una artista contemporánea cuyo trabajo se orienta en torno a las disciplinas de la danza contemporánea y la performance, que puede expresarse como media art, video-danza, performance contemporánea, y experiencias multisensoriales de Realidad Virtual. Hanna ha dirigido y desarrollado diversos proyectos interdisciplinarios que involucran danza contemporánea, tecnologías tangibles, música y multimedia. Su …

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Richard Lowenberg

Richard Lowenberg is an artist, planner/designer and eco-cultural activist, creatively integrating understandings and grounded involvements in non-profit organizational development, architecture, environmental/ecosystems design, rural community and networked society planning, arts/sciences collaborations, new-media, performance and eco-arts practices. He has dedicated his creative life to investigations and creative realization of works exploring and setting examples for ‘an ecology …

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Roel Schoenmakers

Cascoland is an international Amsterdam-based network of artists, architects, designers and performers sharing a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space aiming at the development of an ecological and socially sustainable society. Idioma original: InglésFecha de Publicación: 06/11/2018 Links de referencia:

Ralph Heinsohn

Ralph Heinsohn is designer, producer and curator of immersive media. He works as Creative Director for the »Science Dome«, a new digital dome theatre at Experimenta Heilbronn (under construction and opening spring 2019) and currently develops the artistic concept of the new 21-diameter dome. Besides, he initiated and curates the 360° cinema at the Nordic …

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Micky Remann

Micky Remann is a German born media artist and producer of media events. He is Professor for Immersive Media at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, where he has been teaching the art of full dome since 2007. In the same year, Micky Remann initiated the FullDome Festival at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, which he continues to direct until …

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Sven Meyer

Musician, DJ and never-tiring tinkerer Sven Meyer will present the latest findings he gained at his Hamburg-based laboratory. In his role as the Mad Professor he invites the audience to take part in an experiment. The set-up is rather simple: A camera takes pictures of a bottle lid that is filled with a sprinkle of …

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Ana Rewakowicz

Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on growing environmental complexities in the world. Influenced by Buckminster Fuller’s concept of “synergetics” she strives for the integrity of processes and ideas looking at biomimicry and “homeotechnology” as sources of inspiration. Currently, together with scientists at L’École Polytechnique, she is researching and developing the Mist Collector project …

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Synesthesia and digital perception

Autor: Sérgio R. BasbaumIdioma: InglésFecha de Publicación: 16/03/2016Tipo de publicación: PDFTamaño archivo: 85 Kb Abstract: Perceptual habits in Western Culture, from the Greeks to the 17th century, operated through a synesthetic approach to reality. Modernity separated the senses and Modern Art has operated through this logic. Contemporary digital culture, however, seems to be returning to older models of perception, in …

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Pete Stollery

Pete Stollery studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, where he was one of the first members of BEAST in the early ’80s. He composes music for concert hall performance, particularly acousmatic music and more recently has created work for outside the concert hall, including sound installations and internet projects. He has …

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