Understanding Visual Music Symposium – UVM 2013

Colloquium + Concerts = Visual Music

San Martin Cultural Center
“Galileo Galilei” Planetarium

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The Electronic Arts Research Centre (CEIArtE) of the National University of Tres de Febrero, the San Martin Cultural Center and the “Galileo Galilei” Planetarium of Buenos Aires City invite you to participate in the 2nd international symposium Understanding Visual Music – UVM 2013.

Understanding Visual Music- UVM 2013 focuses on research-creation processes and multiple relations between art, science and new technologies that are key factors in obtaining creative results, when working with a universe composed of moving images and organized sound.Thus, 2D and 3D animation, electroacoustic music, image processing, sound design and the digital arts in general, can be intertwined with the most diverse techniques and technologies, and even with unexpected areas of science, in generating the complex blending supporting the so-called “visual music”. Understanding Visual Music was born from the idea of knowing better the conceptual roots of this art. The first edition of UVM was held in Montreal, 2011.

The symposium activities will take place on August 8th and 9th at the San Martin Cultural Center of Buenos Aires and will include sessions with paper presentations and visual music concerts. Additionally, the Planetarium of Buenos Aires will be also hosting a visual music concert on friday the 9th, at 20:00hs.

Place and date 

August 8th and 9th, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm: paper sessions and concerts at the San Martin Cultural Center,Sarmiento 1551, Buenos Aires (http://www.centroculturalsanmartin.com/como-llegar)  August 9th at 8:00 pm: visual music concert presented by the Planetarium «Galileo Galilei»,Av. Sarmiento y B. Roldán, Buenos Aires (http://goo.gl/maps/8vmbL)  

Schedule – UVM 2013
Thursday, 8th AugustFriday, 9th August
San Martín Cultural Center*San Martín Cultural Center*
10:00hsOpening: Ricardo Dal Farra, chair UVM: “Visual Music. From macro to micro”«Video música: Intersección entre la Música Visual y el Video Arte» – Aitana Kasulin (Argentina)
10:30hs«Visual Music and Instrumental Playing» – Jean Gagnon (Canada)«The Augmented Tonoscope» – Lewis Sykes (England)
11:00hs«From Score to Screen: An analysis of the creative process of visual music pioneer Oskar Fischinger from a practice-led perspective» – Joseph Hyde (England)«DOT, a videogame with no winner» – Henrique Roscoe (Brazil)
11:30hsCoffe BreakCoffe Break
12:00hs«Composición, Música Visual e Intersemiosis: Procesos y Signos en Acción» – Daniel Quaranta (Argentina-Brazil)«Chronotope: the mutual dependency of time and space in music» – Ivan Zavada (Australia)
12:30hs«sistemasAutopoiéticos» – Félix Lazo (Chile)«Harmony in Visual Music» – Bill Alves (United States)
13:00hsLunch«Obtaining Visual Music Dynamic Textures from Grains of Sound and Light» – Falci de Souza and Adolfo Maia Júnior (Brazil)
14:30hsConcert at San Martín Cultural CenterConcert at San Martín Cultural Center
16:30hsCoffe BreakCLOSING
17:00hs«Ciento veintitrés» – João Carlos Machado and Luciano Zanatta (Brazil)Meeting space
17:30hs«Conciertos audiovisuales – Experiencias sinestésicas» – Jorge Haro (Argentina-Spain)
19:30hs Registration at the planetarium

*Activities at San Martín Cultural Center
Papers: Room D // Concerts: Muiño Auditorium – 4th floor


Concert at Planetario Galileo Galilei – August 9th, 8.00pm

  • «Open System» – Jutojo Collective (German/Turkish)
  • «Two Space» – Larry Cuba (United States)
  • «1892» José María D’Angelo and Hernán Huguet (Argentina)
  • «Breath of the Compassionate» – Bill Alves (United States)
  • «Physical» – Matthew  Biederman (United States) and Alain Thibault (Canada)
  • «Chronotope» – Ivan Zavada (Australia)

Concerts at San Martín Cultural Center – August 8th and 9th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

  • Selection of visual music works by Jean Detheux, Candas Sisman, Oerd van Cuijlenborg, Bret Battey, Michel Gagné, Paul Plimley and Barry Guy – presented by Dennis Miller (United States), guest curator.
  • «Contrapture» – Daniel Swilley (United States)
  • «Improvisation no. 1: Cumulative Loops» – Luigi Allemano (Canada)
  • «Synchèse» – Alexandre Sanches (Brazil)
  • «Speak Dome» – Fabián Kesler, Fabricio Costa Alisedo andAlejandra Ceriani (Argentina)
  • «Spectrum» – Roberto Zanata (Italy)
  • «Minong» – Samuel Wells (United States)
  • «Fuzee» – Louise Harris (England)
  • “métodoEntropia1” – Félix Lazo (Chile)
  • «Figés» – Françoise Provencher and Georges Forget (Canada)
  • «Binary Opposition» – Edgar Barroso (Mexico)
  • Selection of pioneering works by Pierre Hébert and Don Ritter, presented by Jean Gagnon (Canada), curator.
  • «Gramínea II» – Omar Lavalle (Peru)
  • «Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder» – Stephen Travis Pope, R. Lane Clark and Lance Putnam (United States)
  • «Not Missing You» – Amanda Stuart (England)
  • «Selected Galaxies: Peculiar» – Samuel Pellman (United States)
  • «Echoing Spaces» – Dennis Miller (United States)
  • «Zhong» – Claudia Robles Angel (Colombia-Germany)
  • «Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa» – James Andean (Canada-England) and Merja Nieminen (Finland)
  • «Bloomy Girls» – Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) and Takagi Masakatsu (Japan)

UVM-2013 Organizing team:

Ricardo Dal Farra (CEIArtE-UNTREF and Concordia University), UVM director

Bernardo Piñero, general coordination
Natalia Pajariño, web and assistance coordination
Raúl Minsburg, strategy

Valeria Stang, audiovisual communication and coordination of volunteers
Gabriela Munguía, communication in social networks
Ana Laura Cantera, communication

Gerardo Della Vecchia, technical coordination
Santiago Villa, technical cooperation 
Fabricio Mouzo, technical cooperation

Giorgina Pirrotta, volunteer
Boyman Alexander Mora, volunteer

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