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Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre

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The Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre and CEIArtE wish to thanks all participants of the «art! ⋈ climate» contest for their sound art miniatures submissions related to climate change effects and the global environmental crisis. 

Below you will find the selected works for online listening:

Open Theme Category:

Mosquitoes Category:

The selection process was carried out in two phases.


The first one, done by a jury of internationally recognized electroacoustic music composers, sound and new media artists, integrated by: Marc Battier (France), Andrés Burbano (Colombia), Joel Chadabe (United States), Ricardo Dal Farra (Argentina/Canada), Alireza Farhang (Iran), Rajmil Fischman (Perú/United Kingdom), Arturo Gervasoni (Argentina/France), Leigh Landy (United Kingdom), Fabián Luna (Argentina), Raúl Minsburg (Argentina), Jaime Oliver (Perú), Julien Ottavi (France), Garth Paine (Australia), Andrea Polli (United States), Paul Rudy (United States), Suzanne Thorpe (United States), Barry Truax (Canada), Michel van Dartel (The Netherlands); who selected 37 works on the Open Theme category and 2 works on the Mosquitoes category, considering artistic quality and pertinence.

They selected the (37+2) works listed here.

For the Open Theme category:

«Cascada» and «Riachuelo, cascada y niños a lo lejos» by Balam Ronan Simon Delgado (Mexico); «24h en el Jardín del Turia» and «Vers la mer» by Blas Payri (Spain/France); «La Red de Indra» by Renzo Filinich (Peru); «Four Elements«, «Drip Bop Drop Dribble» and «Windwords» by Alden Jenks (USA); «Chaneque» and «Aire» by Antonio Russek (Mexico); «Electrohidrofonía» by Damián Paúl Espina (Argentina); «Get on the bus» by Eric Chapelle (USA); «Global Warming» by Gabriel Peraza (Venezuela); «underwater soundscape» by Julien Poidevin (France); «Climate Piece» by Andrew Pirtle (USA); «y después…» by Gabriel Cicuttin (Argentina); «Mangrove Sunburn» by Graham Fussell (USA); «Audio for Wai» by Ian Clothier (New Zealand); «Matkustajat Miniature» by James Andean (Canada/UK); «Water» (parts 1, 2 and 3) by James E. Holdman (USA); «Radiation balance at ‘top of the atmosphere‘ (TOA) from 1850 to 2300″ by Katharina Vogt (Austria); «Electroanonyme» by L. Alexis Emelianoff (Canada/USA); «IceCap» by Nigel Helyer (Australia); «Melting Planet/Planeta desintegrándose» by Lucio Edilberto Cuéllar Camargo (Colombia/USA); «In Natura Luminae 2a» and «In Natura Luminae 2b» by Martin Herraiz (Brazil); «Hurricane Sandy» by Michael Gatonska (USA); «One Drop» and «Many Drops«by Richard Garrett (UK); «Re-imagining the Jurassic» by Robert Mackay (UK);»Glace» by Ruud Roelofsen (The Netherlands); «Summer of Fire» by Sebastien Lavoie (Canada); «Insect’s Whisper» by Tatjana Böhme-Mehner (Germany); «And then, it all deliquesced» by Una Lee (South-Korea); «Daughter of the Wind» by Lin Culbertson (USA); «Natural» by Pablo Anglade (Argentina); «Antarctica» by Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer (Mexico).

For the Mosquitoes category

«Perspective» by Gerald Fratzl (Canada); «Mosquitoes» by João Fernandes (Portugal).


The final phase was done by the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre and led by its Associate Director Pablo Suarez, selecting works – from those that have passed the first phase – that were considered the more appropriate to their goals and actions related needs. This second phase resulted in 2 works for each category plus an additional pool of 7 works in the Open Theme category. The 2 works selected on each category by the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre will become part of some of their actions, such as: «participative workshops, educational videos and collaborative learning games developed to improve the understanding and prevention of disasters». The additional 7 works, also selected by the Climate Centre, could be also used by them in further humanitarian actions. All works selected will be made available online during July of 2013.

«Open Theme» category (final selection by the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre)

«Radiation balance at ‘top of the atmosphere’ (TOA) from 1850 to 2300» – by Katharina Vogt (Austria)

«Many Drops»– by Richard Garrett (UK)

Additional works selected:

«And then, it all deliquesced» – by Una Lee (South Korea)

«Audio for Wai» – by Ian Clothier (New Zealand)

«Daughter of the Wind» – by Lin Culbertson (USA)

«Drip Bop Drop Dribble» – by Alden Jenks (USA)

«Electrohidrofonía» – by Damián Paúl Espina (Argentina)

«IceCap» – by Nigel Helyer (Australia)

«In Natura Luminae (2b)» – by Martin Herraiz (Brazil)

«Mosquitoes» category (final selection by the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre)

«Perspective» – byGerald Fratzl (Canada)

«Mosquitoes» – by João Fernandes (Portugal)

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