Mariana Martinez Balvanera y Elizabeth Guerrero Medina

Cascoland is an international Amsterdam-based network of artists, architects, designers and performers sharing a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space aiming at the development of an ecological and socially sustainable society.

Projects are initiated by FIONA DE BELL and ROEL SCHOENMAKERS and are executed with multi-disciplinary teams of artists and designers, promoting mobilization, participation and networking through artistic exchange and collaboration. Since 2004 Cascoland has executed projects internationally in The Netherlands, South Africa, Brasil, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine and several European countries.

The Cascoland projects/interventions/artworks are tools to be used by participants and audiences rather than artworks to be exhibited. Cascoland interventions aim to challenge and change perceptions, to empower individuals and communities and to create awareness about the need for sustainable development, not only with audiences and residents, but also with planners, designers, organisations and authorities.

Cascoland promotes a more sustainable use of spaces, skills and resources, both ecologically and socially. Empowerment of communities, bottom-up development of public space and the implementation of innovative solutions addressing local needs are equally important ingredients in our way of working: Art as a tool to make change happen!

La siguiente entrevista fue realizada y grabada por Ricardo Dal Farra en septiembre de 2018.

Idioma original: Español
Fecha de Publicación: 27/11/2018


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