Pete Stollery


Pete Stollery studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, where he was one of the first members of BEAST in the early ’80s. He composes music for concert hall performance, particularly acousmatic music and more recently has created work for outside the concert hall, including sound installations and internet projects.

Fernanda D’Agostino

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Since 1984 Fernanda D’Agostino has completed twenty-five publicart commissions and fifteen solo exhibitions, many incorporating moving images in novel ways. Her work has been recognized by a Bronson Fellowship, a Flintridge Foundation Fellowship, grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Andy Warhol Foundation, and state fellowships in Montana and Oregon. Recently she received a Ford Family Foundation Opportunity Grant to fund her installation, The Method of Loci.Fernanda is a pioneer in the use of outdoor video projections in public art.